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Currently trying to finish type my dissertation…Wish me luck!


  • (poster) Singular Limit and Global Stabilization of a PDE Model for Chemotaxis with Dynamic Boundary Conditions (AWM Poster Session at SIAM Anual Meeting 2021 – July 2021)


  • Paradigms (April 23-26 2021)
  • SIAM Anual Meeting 2021 – (July 2021)

*********************PAST TALKS*********************
  • Mathematics is for you (Undergraduate Math Club at Tulane University)
  • Presenting Meet a Mathematician! (Talk Math With Your Friends #TMWYF (With Dr. Selvi Kara))
  • A PDE model for chemotaxis with logistic growth. (Applied Math Seminar – Hunter College CUNY)
  • A PDE model for chemotaxis with logistic growth. (45th Annual New York State Regional Graduate Mathematics Conference. Syracuse Univ. )
  • A PDE model for chemotaxis with logistic growth. (Graduate Colloquium. Tulane University)
  • Math For All conference presentation (University of New Orleans)
  • Math For All conference presentation (Xavier University in Louisiana)
  • Baby geometry and Fluid Mechanics on Manifolds (Graduate Learning Seminar. Fall 2019. Tulane University)
  • Mathematics around the world   (Graduate Colloquium. Tulane University.)
  • Mathematics around the world (Workshop Leader at ‘Girls in Math @ South’ University of South Alabama, Mobile.)
  • A brief course in Morse Theory. (Graduate seminar. Tulane University)
  • Have you ever heard of symplectic and contact geometry? ( Graduate Colloquium. Tulane University)
  • A quick course on PDE’s for graduate students.   (Graduate Seminar. Tulane University)
  • How to write PDE’s in differential forms notation.  (Graduate PDE Seminar. Tulane University.)
  • All you ever wanted to know about differential forms.  (Graduate Student Colloquium. Tulane University.)
  • Lagrangian Points and the n-body problem.  (Graduate Student Colloquium. Tulane University)


  • The 3 Body Problem and Hamiltonian Dynamics. (Graduate Student Colloquium. University of New Orleans.)