Math For All and more

“Prejudice is very rude because it treats you as a member of a class or group instead of as a person”

Karen K. Uhlenbeck

I received the Women And Mathematics 2019 and 2020 Advanced Graduate Ambassadorship from the Institute of Advanced Studies  which allowed me to create and organize an inclusive math conference called M∀TH FOR ALL in NEW ORLEANS.

I have a project with Dr. Selvi Kara called MEET A MATHEMATICIAN, a series of short videos with profiles of mathematicians, especially from historically excluded groups.IMG_FFFD208D75E8-1I am very proud to have helped and pushed to the creation of the Math Center at Tulane.

I co-started the Inclusivity in Math Task Force (IMTF) with a group of faculty and graduate students to discuss on ways to make the mathematics department more inclusive and actively create change.

I co-founded both AWM and AMS Student Chapters at Tulane. I am the former president and vice-president of the AWM Student Chapter at Tulane University and the AMS Student Chapter at Tulane University.

With the student chapters we organize Faculty Talks to help first year students to choose their advisor and Coffee discussions with our Colloquium women speakers. We ask our speakers to nominate a woman mathematician of interest and we present her work before each talk to learn about the lives of these mathematicians. We also create math workshops for GIST (Girls in Stem at Tulane) and BATS (Bats at Tulane in STEM)

I have also worked at College Track New Orleans as a SAT instructor for scholars who are the first generation in going to college.

These are some pictures of our classroom and Pi Day decorations.

We also organize quarterly math BBQ in the department!