Department of Mathematics Tulane University


I am a P.h.D. candidate at the Mathematics Department at Tulane University studying under the direction of Dr. Kun Zhao. My research interests are Partial Differential Equations and Riemannian Geometry with a flavor of Algebraic Topology. Currently I am working on two different topics:


Global well-posedness and long time behavior of fluid dynamics equations on Riemannian manifolds.

Qualitative analysis of a singular Keller-Segel model with nonlinear chemical production and logistic growth.

I am the president and founding member of the AWM Student Chapter at Tulane and a founding member of the AMS Student Chapter at Tulane. Here and here you can check the activities that we do in these chapters. Including GIST (Girls in Stem at Tulane). I also collaborate with the Center for Academic Equity tutoring mathematics to scholars.