Im a Ph.D. candidate at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Here you can find my updated Curriculum Vitae


My name is Padi Fuster Aguilera and I am currently a P.h.D. candidate at the Mathematics Department at Tulane University studying under the direction of Dr. Kyle Kun Zhao and Dr. Vincent Martinez. My research interests are Partial Differential Equations and Riemannian Geometry.

I am the founder and co-organizer of the conference Math For All in New Orleans, an inclusive conference in mathematics. I am also the co-founder of Meet a Mathematician, a collection of short video interviews to mathematicians from underrepresented groups.

 Currently, I am  working on two different topics: Qualitative analysis of a singular Keller-Segel model with nonlinear chemical production, logarithmic sensitivity and logistic growth and global well-posedness and long time behavior of fluid dynamics equations on Riemannian manifolds.