Im a recent Ph.D. graduate at Tulane University in New Orleans. Starting a Visiting Assistant Professor position at CU Boulder on Fall 2021.

Here you can find my updated Curriculum Vitae

My name is Padi Fuster Aguilera and I am a recent P.h.D. graduate from the Mathematics Department at Tulane University. My research interests are Partial Differential Equations and Riemannian Geometry.

I am the founder and co-organizer of the conference Math For All in New Orleans, an inclusive conference in mathematics. I am also the co-founder of Meet a Mathematician, a collection of short video interviews to mathematicians from historically excluded backgrounds.

 Currently, I am  working on two different topics: Qualitative analysis of a singular Keller-Segel model with nonlinear chemical production, logarithmic sensitivity and logistic growth and global well-posedness and long time behavior of fluid dynamics equations on Riemannian manifolds.